How to Recycle a Washer Machine... with guns

Got an old washer machine?

Need to find a way to recycle it?

Well, if you buy a new washer machine from a major retailer like Home Depot; typically they do free takeaway when they deliver your machine. Additionally, I have heard of people sending their washer machines to the scrap yard and making a few dollars on the metal, but I do not have first hand experience with that option.

For me, I decided to donate my washer to my local shooting range, where it served as a very sturdy target. It wasn't working anymore so repairing a 20 year old washer wasn't an option for me.

We shot it from a very safe distance and were sure our rounds would not ricochet back off the washer. I believe a M4A1 that was used had a .22 conversion on it and even those rounds punctured through the washer.

Here are some more photos in no particular order:


Maybe not the greenest way to recycle, but at least it gives others something to tape targets to.

As with all firearms, please use with extreme caution. We had an expert on the range with us.