Looking for street hockey players in Las Vegas!!!

Looking for adult street hockey players!!!

We play every Sunday morning from 10am to 1pm.

We play at West Flamingo Park which is at 6255 W Flamingo Rd on the Southside of the street in the roller hockey rink between Jones Blvd & Torrey Pines Dr.

It is a great group of guys of all different talent levels and ages.

We have the nets and hockey balls all you need to bring is your stick andAlso please make sure you bring 2 different color shirts each and every week one black / dk navy and one white. It just makes it much easier so you know who is on who's team. 2 shirts one black or dark navy and one white.   We should even have some extra sticks if needed most of the time.

Checkout our Facebook page for more info and send us a friend request so you can be kept updated on game times and etc.


If we can get enough people together we also try an play on Wednesday nights at 8:30pm at the same place.