Ways to recycle floppy disks, shooting range targets

A few years ago I wrote an article on how to recycle floppy disks by making pen and pencil holders.

Well after all the holders I made, I still had a great amount of disks that were just collecting dust. So with a friend's birthday coming up, I decided to put the disks to good use, by using the floppy discs as targets out in the shooting range.

Nothing really to it, I just used a staple gun with 3/8" staples and drove them into a stand made out of 2x4s.

Originally, we strung the disks up with rebar wire, but the targets were moving around too much in the wind and some were sliding down overlapping each other.

We had the target about 25 feet out from where we were shooting and it was actually hard to get confirmation on if we were hitting. We were using a variety of guns from .22 rifles, 9mm hand guns , to ARs with .223 rounds.

Ultimately if I were to do it again I would have brought the stand in closer and used it for hand gun practice, so it would be easier to get confirmation of your shot.

The 2x4x8s were about $3 dollars at Home Depot, I believe they were on sale at the time.
We used 2 inch wood nails to put the stand together. We also used some spare MDF for the shelf for beer bottles.

In addition to the disks, I also had some random PC case parts that were never going to be used.


The motherboard gave it a nice touch.

The final destruction after taking a shotgun to the stand.