Do not buy from (March 2012)

I have been putting a lot of time into my arcade cabinet playing Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 and am eagerly awaiting Street Fighter X Tekken's PC release.

That said, my TvC sticks are getting their hours in and it prompted me to upgrade the parts in them. Specifically to Sanwa parts. So I picked up some buttons on eBay and during that time realized there were better sources such as to get joystick parts. However, when I ordered from; not only did I get no response from them regarding my order, but I had to contact PayPal (who I used to pay for the parts) and file a claim to get a refund issued.

Since it took me going through PayPal to get a refund issued I don't know if they are out of business or are on a temporary hiatus; but if so, they shouldn't be accepting online orders.

So for all of you looking to get joystick parts, try other reputable sources. Right now I am using; their prices after shipping were cheaper than and I will update this post once I get my first order in to let you all know how it goes.