Amplify your cable signal, PCT-MA2-4P review

I wanted to ensure I was getting the best signal for my cable modem and televisions; so I purchased a PCT-MA2-4P 4 Port Cable TV/HDTV/Digital Amplifier Internet Modem Signal Booster Internet AMP from Amazon.

Since purchasing it, I noticed all my TVs come in much clearer and my internet has not gone down since. I opened the cable box along side my home and ensured that I had a direct line coming off the splitter straight to my cable modem. This ensured that it was not split additionally before going into the modem. 

I did end up running 1 line from the amplifier into a 4 port splitter, which I am using for 2 rooms. Each room's TV reception comes in clear even with a split.

If you are looking to get a coax splitter and want to boost your signal, I highly suggest this product. One thing to note is finding a place to run the power source. The power source takes a coax line that runs to an AC adapter. I ended up drilling a hole into my home through the cable box and ran the power to an outlet in my garage (pictured below).